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Patient Requests to View Medical Record While an Inpatient

UCMC recognizes it has a duty to provide patients access to their medical information, including when they are inpatients.  When an inpatient requests access to his/her medical record, follow these steps:
  • Contact your supervisor, Nursing Manager, Advanced Practice Nurse or Physician Assistant who is on the patient's treatment team. 
  • Provide supervision during the review so that content can be explained to the patient and integrity of the medical record is maintained.
  • If you need assistance, you may contact the following departments:
    • HIPAA Program Office:    4-9716
    • UCMC Legal Affairs:        2-1057
    • Health Information Management:    2-1699
    • Administrator On Call (HOA):    Pager 7500# (After hours)
For more information, please see our policy (Administrative Policy 02-02 - "Release of Patient Medical Information and Emergency Release") and procedure which helps us meet our requirement to grant a patient access to his/her medical record while the person is an inpatient.  The inpatient viewing procedure is not meant to impede access. 

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Call 4-9716 for more details.