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GUIDANCE (Nov. 26, 2007)


Patient Information
Patient information means all information about the patient, including name, medical record number, condition, sex, age, physician name, diagnosis, medical unit, and  other treatment information ("PHI").  The fact that a patient is in the medical center is PHI.

City, State or Federal Law Enforcement may seek access to a patient or access to patient information.  Before providing access, follow these steps:

1.   Verify the Identity of the Police Officer.
2.   Identify What Law Enforcement Wants and the Purpose For the Request.
3.   Provide Access Only as Follows -- and Only Provide the Minimum Amount of           Information Necessary for the Purpose.

Access to Patients

Access to Health Care Information, Both Oral and Written (i.e. talking to providers)

The Verification of Law Enforcement's Immediate Need of Information About a Patient Victim form can be used to document this information, but it is acceptable to document each of these four elements in the patient's medical record.

If you have any questions, call the Administrator on Call (HOA) at 7500#.


1.     The social worker coordinating child protective services for a specific patient         in Comer Hospital will alert the security desk that the Chicago Police will be             coming to investigate allegations of child abuse.

2.     The Chicago Police will provide the Security Officer in Comer with a form                 entitled "Law Enforcement Official's Request for Protected Health
If the police arrive without a form after hours, the Security
        Officer shall give the police officer/detective a blank form.  If the police                 officer/detective does not have the required form and refuses to complete a             blank form, but has the name of the assigned social worker and the name and         date of birth of the patient, UCMC Security Services shall page that social                 worker.  If the police officer/detective does not know the name of the                     assigned social worker or if it is after hours, Security Services shall page the             on-call pediatric Social Worker at pager 6807, or if not available, then the                 Social Work Manager at pager 6629 or the Director of Social Work at pager 8126.

3.     Once contacted, the social worker, in concert with Security Services, will             coordinate the police officer/detective's site visit.  In particular, Security                 Services or the social worker will call the floor to state that a police                         officer/detective is coming up to floor and floor staff can direct the police             officer/detective to the appropriate room.

4.      The social worker shall document the following in the progress notes:

                   (1) The name and badge number of the police officer/detective;

                   (2) The fact that the police officer/detective came in response to                                 UCMC's report to DCFS; and

                   (3) The identity of the person with whom the police officer/detective                         met.

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