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HIPAA Privacy Program

Erik Decker
Chief Security and Privacy Officer
Karen Habercoss
Deputy Privacy Officer
Andrew Bonjean
Privacy Analyst
Jason Dillon
Privacy Analyst
Use this email address to submit University of Chicago Medical Center HIPAA-related questions or to
report concerns and incidents. You may also contact us
by phone.

Confidential HIPAA Resource Line

Do you have a question or concern about
University of Chicago Medical Center HIPAA related issues? 

Call the toll-free HIPAA Resource Line at 1-877-440-5480, select option 2.
You may call the line to report possible instances where you think we may not be in compliance with the HIPAA regulation.  All calls are confidential and you need not leave your name or contact information.  The HIPAA Resource Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and all calls will be investigated. We ask that you please leave enough information for the concern to be reviewed.