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HIPAA Quick Reference Guide For Employees

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4.0 Transporting Medical Records

Can I transport medical records?

All medical records and documents containing patient protected health information (“PHI”) must be adequately secured to help ensure our patients’ information is not exposed to unauthorized individuals.


All staff and faculty should follow these standards when transporting medical records, documents and portable media devices (such as laptops or flash drives) containing PHI:


Transporting Within The Medical Center


When Moving Office Spaces


We recommend that PHI not be transported off the UChicago Medicine campus, but if you must do so, follow these guidelines:


Transporting From/To Off-Site Clinics

  • Only transport PHI off-site if you have your supervisor’s approval and only if it is necessary. 
  • Only transport the minimum amount of PHI necessary. 
  • Never leave PHI (including portable media devices) unattended, including your car. 
  • Maintain a log of files or documents that are leaving UofC Medicine. When you arrive at the off-site clinic, immediately make sure all the files you listed on the log are in your possession.

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